Designing identity : the power of textiles in Late Antiquity /

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ISBN   069116942X
TÍTOL   Designing identity : the power of textiles in Late Antiquity / edited by Thelma K. Thomas ; including contributions by Jennifer L. Ball, Edward Bleiberg, Kathrin Colburn, Helen C. Evans, Christine Kondoleon, Brandie Ratliff, Thelma K. Thomas, and Elizabeth Dospel Williams
PRODUCCIÓ, PUBLICACIÓ, DISTRIBUCIÓ, FABRICACIÓ, I COPYRIGHT   New York : Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University ; Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, 2016
DESCRIPCIÓ   159 pàgines : il·lustracions en color, mapes ; 30 cm
TIPUS DE SUPORT   sense mediació n
NOTA   Catàleg de l'exposició organitzada al Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University, New York, del 25 de febrer al 22 de maig de 2016
NOTA   Inclou referències bibliogràfiques
NOTA   Conté: Introduction: The Material World of Late Antiquity, Then and Now / Thelma K. Thomas -- Map: The Roman Empire at 400 CE -- 1. Textiles For Clothing And Furnishings: Putting Late Antique Roman Society And Culture On Display. 1.1. Material Meaning in Late Antiquity / Thelma K. Thomas -- 1.2. Charms: Protective and Auspicious Motifs / Jennifer L. Ball -- 1.3. The Continuity of Late Antique Patterns / Helen C. Evans -- 1.4. Making Textiles and Assessing Their Value / Thelma K. Thomas -- 2. Late Antique Textiles In Modern Times: Collecting And Collections. 2.1. Late Antique Textiles at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Expanded Vistas / Christine Kondoleon -- 2.2. Collecting and Exhibiting Late Antique Textiles at the Brooklyn Museum / Edward Bleiberg -- 2.3. Minor Art, Major Works: An Overview of Dumbarton Oaks' Collections of Late Antique and Medieval Textiles / Elizabeth Dospel Williams -- 2.4. Collecting Late Antique Textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Brandie Ratliff -- 2.5. A Closer Look at Textiles from the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Materials and Techniques / Kathrin Colburn
RESUM   "Ideals of character and beauty, and conceptions of self and society, were in flux during Late Antiquity, a period of extensive dramatic cultural upheaval for the Roman world, as the extraordinary growth of Christianity eclipsed paganism. Textiles from Late Antiquity document transformations of cultural traditions and societal values at the most intimate level of the individual body and the home. These textile artifacts are fragile, preserved only in arid conditions, often in fragments, and only rarely intact. The textiles selected for the exhibition Designing Identity present an aesthetic of vibrant colors, fine materials, technical virtuosity of professional production, and variations on designs that display personal identity in the clothing of men, women, and children, as well as hopes for prosperity and protection in the textile furnishings of households. Prized for their artistry since the earliest discoveries beginning at the turn of the nineteenth century, such textiles were eagerly collected by designers, artists, scholars, museums, and captains of industry. This exhibition catalogue explores the parallel histories of ancient textile production and consumption, and the modern business of collecting Late Antique textiles."-- Publisher's website
MATÈRIA   New York University.--Institute for the Study of the Ancient World--Exposicions
MATÈRIA   Teixits i tèxtils antics--Col·leccionistes i col·leccions
Teixits i tèxtils antics--Exposicions
Teixits i tèxtils coptes--Exposicions
Indústria tèxtil--Mediterrània (Regió)--Història
Indumentària--Mediterrània (Regió)
AUTORIA   Thomas, Thelma K., editor literari, autor
Ball, Jennifer (Jennifer L.), autor
Bleiberg, Edward, 1951- autor
Colburn, Kathrin, autor
Evans, Helen C., autor
Kondoleon, Christine, autor
Ratliff, Brandie, autor
Williams, Elizabeth Dospel, autor
ENTITAT   New York University. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, institució d'acollida


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